Titles of the Presentation

2018-09-04 19:52:29

Titles of the Presentation

By Alphabetic order

Keynote Lecture

Professor Hideki Kambara

Development of technologies related to DNA analysis --- from DNA sequencer to single cell and site specific tissue analysis system

Professor Takehiko Kitamori

Micro and nanofluidic system for single cell protein analysis

Professor Qingming Luo

Invited Lecture

Professor Chunhai Fan

Professor Jian Han

NGS of immune repertoire: how to apply it to solve clinical challenges

Professor Shinichi Hashimoto

Single-cell gene expression analysis in tumor microenvironment

Professor Jiankui He

Professor Masahito Hosokawa

Professor Dechen Jiang

Professor Huangxian Ju

Professor Jinming Lin

A Human Papillomavirus Identification Method for Cervical Cancer Screening and Prognosis on Microchip Electrophoresis System

Professor Quanjun Liu

Professor Mian Long

Professor Zuhong Lu

Professor Kazuma Mawatari

Detection technologies of nonfluorescent molecules for extended-nano single cell analytical device

Professor Peggy Myung

Professor Michael Natan

Achieving Simultaneous Improvements in Workflow and Multiplexing in Whole-Slide Tissue Imaging

Professor Hiroyuki Noji

Professor Sadao Ota

Ghost Cytometry -machine learning-driven imaging-activated cell sorters-

Professor Takeaki Ozawa

Professor Katsuyuki Shiroguchi

A novel quantification method for bacterial microbiota analysis

Professor Sumio Sugano

Single cell project in Japan: CREST and Presto

Professor Hiroyuki Takei

Three types of noble metal nanostructures for three types of near-field spectroscopic techniques: how can plasnomics help advance life sciences?

Professor Eiichi Tamiya

Single cell array for functional analyzing cell-surface markers and cytokines secretion of human immune cells

Professor Qiangbin Wang

Advanced Fluorescence Imaging in the Second Near-Infrared Window

Professor Su Zeng

Professor Xuegong Zhang

Professor Guohua Zhou