• List of Invited Speakers (Updating)

     List of Invited Speakers (Updating)

    2018/08/22 203

  • Background

    The post-genome era is coming since the sequence of the human genome has been completed. In the post-genome era, the new concepts and new methods have been developed rapidly in biological and medical

    2018/05/08 88

  • Registration

    l How to RegisterClick here to Download Registration Form (Registration Form for invited speaker.docx,  Registration Form for participants.docx),and EMAIL to ifpt_globle@163.com.l&

    2018/09/04 25

  • Titles of the Presentation

                                       Titles of the PresentationBy Alphabetic orderKeynote LectureProfessor Hidek

    2018/09/04 56

  • Program

    Important Deadline:• September 7, 2018 : Abstract Due• September 28, 2018 : Full manuscript due• October 20, 2018: Venue registration time The final schedule will be available soon.Program2018-10

    2018/09/04 61

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